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About SunRise Psychology Centre

A Holistic and Humanistic Approach to Treatment

SunRise Prychology Centre location within Synergy Wellness CentreWe are part of the Synergy Wellness Centre where a wide range of health services are provided under one roof in a multidisciplinary setting.

SunRise Psychology Centre has found a unique location in which to practice a holistic and humanistic approach to treatment. Our model of cross-referrals and careful patient care results in optimal treatment and efficiency and we welcome all our clients to a one-of-a-kind health and wellness experience.

SunRise Psychology Centre's inception in 2011 in Sherwood Park spearheaded a new wave of high quality, professional psychology centres of the humanistic and holistic approach, in the surrounding districts of Edmonton. Naznin A. Virani, our Founder and CEO, with 21 years experience in private practice, built the Centre based on a desire to provide a state of the art institution where mental wellness was nurtured through evidence-based approaches to psychotherapy, and where patients would feel comfortable in a beautiful, safe, and calm environment. She was inspired to create a safe and productive space, where patients would be able to explore their deepest truths and worries, where one entered burdened and left an ounce lighter and an inch taller and a lot happier. Today we are home to several clinical psychologists who specialize in a wide variety of fields and areas of expertise, but we always stay true to our roots; providing the highest quality mental health care and professionalism. Psychotherapy is a unique opportunity to engage in a relationship with a therapist that will focus on understanding you. How you became who you are ~ what events and people shaped your life ~ and the unique characteristics that describe you, your strengths and weaknesses.

We will do our best to match a therapist to your individual needs, and we will assist you in finding the right match until you are happy with the "chemistry". Our psychologists are highly educated and very well experienced in undertaking journeys of the soul. A therapeutic relationship is about discovering yourself and maybe finding some missing puzzle pieces. Therapy is a wonderful, empowering and luxurious treat to yourself ~ for yourself ~ to be just a little bit more of you ~ and to improve your quality of life and those of others around you. Is it your turn to embark on your therapeutic journey?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step….

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